Turkish diplomatic representative visits Almuftah Group

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The Embassy of the Republic of Turkey has recently sent its envoy to Almuftah Group, one of the biggest multi-business groups in Qatar, to discuss the expansion of commercial interests between Turkey and Qatar, in a recent visit at the company’s head office in Doha.

At the business meeting, Burak Güreşci, the Commercial Councilor of the Turkish Embassy in Qatar, signed a memorandum of agreement with Ibrahim Almuftah, Managing Director of Almuftah Group. The trade negotiations included discussions on further boosting the presence of Turkish consumer brands into the market, including in Almuftah Group’s distribution channels.

During the signing event, Mr. Güreşci expressed that ‘as Qatar further expands its trading opportunities elsewhere, we from Turkey are keen on tapping into this opportunity to explore other trading possibilities with Qatar, which include increasing our presence in the Qatari market through various distribution channels such as Almuftah Group’s retail outlets. Indeed today we are looking forward to working with Almuftah Group.”

For his part, Mr. Ibrahim Almuftah said “as Qatar steadily reaches its medium- to long-term goals (FIFA World Cup 2022; Qatar Vision 2030), we are making sure that Almuftah Group is riding in the waves of success such projects are bringing to the national psyche; thus the expansion of trade with our neighbors such as Turkey and further afield will play an important role in increasing the volume of trade–and Almuftah Group, as in the previous decades, will tap into this exciting potential.”

The commercial talks are part of the two country’s efforts to enhance trade and economic cooperation.  Qatar has been continually enhancing its bilateral trade with other countries and markets especially in light of the economic embargo imposed by some members of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

In addition to natural gas, Qatar exports mostly petroleum derivatives to Turkey, including processed materials such as aluminum and plastic products. Turkey’s trade volume to Qatar has increased to more than 90 percent since 2017, led by the export of mineral sector, electrical and chemical commodities, as well as the garments sector.