VISA EXEMPTIONS for QATARI CITIZENS when visiting these countries

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 Armenia Visa not required[11] 180 days
  • 180 days within any year period.[12][13]
 Bahamas Visa not required[19] 3 months
 Belarus Visa not required[23] 30 days
 Benin eVisa / Visa on arrival[26][27] 30 days / 8 days
  • Must have an international vaccination certificate.
 Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa not required[30] 90 days
  • 90 days within any 6-month period
 Botswana Visa not required[31] 90 days

 Colombia Visa not required[49] 90 days
 Cape Verde Visa on arrival[40]
 Colombia Visa not required[49] 90 days
 Costa Rica Visa not required[53] 90 days
 Dominica Visa not required[61] 21 days  
 Dominican Republic Visa not required[62]    
 Ecuador Visa not required[63] 90 days
 El Salvador Visa not required[65] 90 days
 Ethiopia eVisa[70]  
  • Conditional VoA can be obtained.
 Gabon eVisa / Visa on arrival[74]  
 Georgia Visa not required[77] 360 days[78]
 Guatemala Visa not required[83] 90 days
 Guinea-Bissau eVisa / Visa on arrival[85] 90 days
 Haiti Visa not required[87] 3 months  
 Honduras Visa not required[88] 90 days


 Indonesia Visa not required[92] 30 days
 Jordan Visa not required[102] 3 months
 South Korea Visa not required[107] 30 days  
 Kuwait Visa not required[108]
  • Freedom of movement
 Kyrgyzstan Visa not required[109] 60 days
 Lebanon Visa not required[113] 6 months
 Malaysia Visa not required[125] 90 days
 Mauritius Visa not required[132] 90 days
 Micronesia Visa not required[134] 30 days
 Montenegro Visa not required[138] 90 days[139]  
 Morocco Visa not required[140] 90 days
 Mozambique Visa on arrival[141] 30 days
   Nepal Visa on arrival[145] 90 days
 New Zealand Visa not required[147] 90 days  
 Nicaragua Visa not required[148] 90 days
 Oman Visa not required[152]
  • Freedom of movement
 Panama Visa not required[156] 180 days
 Paraguay Visa on arrival[158] 30 days
 Philippines Visa not required[160] 30 days
 Rwanda eVisa / Visa on arrival[165] 30 days
 Samoa Entry Permit on arrival[169] 60 days
 São Tomé and Príncipe Visa not required[171][172] 15 days[173][174]
 Senegal Visa on arrival[179][180] 90 days  
 Serbia Visa not required[181] 90 days
  • 90 days within any 6-month period
 Seychelles Visitor's Permit on arrival[182] 3 months
 Singapore Visa not required[184] 30 days
 Sri Lanka eVisa / Visa on arrival[194] 30 days  
 Sudan Visa not required[195] 1 month
 Tajikistan Visa on arrival[203] 45 days
 Tanzania Visa on arrival[205] 90 days  
 Thailand Visa not required[206] 30 days
  • Maximum two visits annually if not arriving by air.
 Timor-Leste Visa on arrival[207] 30 days  
 Togo Visa on arrival[208] 7 days
 Tunisia Visa not required[211] 3 months  
 Turkey Visa not required[212] 90 days
  • 90 days within any 180-day period
 Tuvalu Visa on arrival[214] 1 month  
 Uganda eVisa / Visa on arrival[215]  
 Ukraine Visa not required[217][218] 90 days
  • 90 days within any 180 day period[219]
 United Kingdom Electronic Visa Waiver[222] 6 months
 Vanuatu Visa not required[227] 30 days
 Yemen Visa on arrival[231] 3 months