Basic Materials and Utilities

Over the years, Almuftah Group has become an important partner of Qatar’s basic materials industry. In particular, we offer construction and mechanical engineering services and provide a variety of machinery and equipment for industrial sectors involved in the extraction, processing, and refinement of oil and gas, as well as commodity and agricultural chemicals like fertilisers, petrochemicals, vinyl, and cement.

Almuftah Group's use of modern technology and ability to deliver value has also made us an important partner of Qatar's burgeoning utilities sector. Businesses belonging to this sector produce essential necessities such as electricity and water for the people of Qatar. 

Almuftah Contracting Company (Civil)

Al Muftah Contracting Company is one of the largest Civil Construction companies operating in the State of Qatar since the last four decades. It was established way back in 1977.

Al Muftah Contracting is a major division of the Al Muftah Group of Companies, a name synonymous with quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Al Muftah Contracting is a registered Grade ”A” Construction & Development Company , with accreditation of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018.

Almuftah Contracting Company (Oil & Gas)

Almuftah Contracting established the AMC - Oil and Gas Division (AMCOG) in 1977 in a concerted effort to provide specialized solutions across a range of Qatari industry sectors, such as oil and gas, fertilizer, petrochemical, steel, and other hydro-carbon sectors.

Almuftah Projects and Industrial Services (AMPIS)

In anticipation of Qatar’s continuous growth on its industrial development globally; The Almuftah Projects & Industrial Services (AMPIS) has backed-up Qatar’s industrial sectors – oil & gas, petrochemical, fertilizer, marine, electricity, water, cement and steel since 1986 and working with reputed & world-renowned original equipment manufacturers (International OEM’s) known for its superior engineering, dependability and performance of solutions it offers to these various industrial sectors.