GRP Water Tanks

GRP Water Tanks

GRP water tanks is the abbreviation of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic water tanks, are leading industry and civil standard water storage equipment on the market. There are many advantages such as light weight, strong structure, modular and sectional assembly by standard panels design. GRP tanks provide safe environment with no risk of bacteria corrosion.

Furthermore, Due to the raw material to manufacturing water tank is self-resistant to bad weather and high temperature, meaning the water tank lifespan is long. Meanwhile, all raw materials attribution decides the water tank is pliable, application wide for any specific access or needs.

Available capacities:

  • By combining GRP sectional panels in order in modular and flexible patterns, an infinite number of tanks can be assembled of various dimensions and capacities ranging from as little as 1m3 up to 10,000m3 or 2,650,000 USG (50m x 50m x 4 m High)
  • 1. The size of FRP/GRP panel are produced by standard mold, having size
  • 1*1m,1*0.5m,1*1.5m, 1*2m.
  • 2. The panel thickness is depending on tank height.

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