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Sterling Restaurants have been serving the community of Qatar since 1977 with a variety of brands of different cuisine which are rich in culture and full of unique flavors. Sterling Restaurants houses some of our family's favorite food brands that we have grown up enjoying. Sterling Restaurants continues to provide an excellent standard of customer service and food in Qatar. From fast food to fine dining and desserts we have something for everyone. We continue to adapt to the ever-changing market we operate in as well as the consumer behavior shift in order to remain relevant to our customers in different target segments and markets.

Sterling Restaurants has a group of restaurants that are perfect for any occasion. We are leading the future of dining with iconic global and local brands. If you are looking for quick but great-tasting fast food, we have popular well-known fast-food chains such as the internationally popular Pizza Hut and local favorites Twinky and Sterling Fast Food. If you are looking for a fine dining experience we have Indian Asian restaurants Caravan Bukhara, Asiana, and Star of India. American favorites, Ponderosa Steakhouse, Fuddruckers and Bennigans, and Persian restaurant, Shebestan Palace. Lastly, we satisfy your caffeine & sweet cravings with well-known brands; Coffee Beanery & TCBY. We bring you the flavors of the world.

  • Pizza Hut is a pioneer in the pizza industry all over the world, famously known for its Pan crust Pizzas. Founded in 1958 by Dan and Frank Carney, this brand has seen many generations of customers and today, continues to be a favorite for customers of all ages.

    Sterling Restaurants in partnership with YUM introduced Pizza Hut to Qatar more than three decades ago with our first stores being opened in 1987 and our 49th store opened in 2022, The brand has grown from strength to strength continuously being at the forefront of the Pizza industry with great innovation, fast thinking, and an entrepreneurial mindset. Providing our customers with classic flavors they love and new ultimate flavors that take them on an unforgettable journey. We offer an extensive menu featuring Hut Signature and Artisanal pizzas, pasta, beverages, and desserts. So, where’s the best pizza in Qatar? Just look for the hut! Now that’s more! And Artisanal pizzas, pasta, beverages, and desserts. So, where’s the best pizza in Qatar? Just look for the hut! Now that’s more!

  • With a legacy of Iranian fine dining since 1993, Shebestan Palace promises an experience that will leave an indelible mark on your memory, taking you on an enchanting journey through its captivating ambiance. As you step inside, you'll be immersed in a world of splendor, adorned with exquisite carpets, shimmering chandeliers, captivating period artwork, and the melodious tunes of Persian music. Our attentive staff warmly greets guests in a typical Iranian fashion, further enhancing the authentic atmosphere. But that's not all; the true delight lies in our culinary offerings. Prepare to be tantalized by our delicious flatbreads and vegetable dishes, perfectly complemented by an exquisite selection of seafood, lamb, and chicken creations, each masterfully infused with authentic Persian spices. At Shebestan Palace, we invite you to savor every moment as we transport your senses to the rich and flavorful world of Iranian cuisine.

  • Coffee Beanery opened its first stores in the United States in 1976, before the American public knew the term “specialty coffee” In the years that have followed, Coffee Beanery continues to build its brand and franchise organization on the principles of time-tested and honored traditions and values. Exceptional coffee, a warm relaxing environment, and a corporate culture that embraces its franchisees with every opportunity to succeed and exemplify these values. Today, Coffee Beanery has over 100 locations throughout the U.S., and 20 locations internationally. Coffee Beanery opened its first franchise store in Qatar In 2002 and is recognized as an industry leader for its unique family business approach, corporate culture, and commitment to quality.

  • Serving you only the best American Cuisine since 1997 in Qatar. Ponderosa Steakhouse is a household name, and our mission and focus have always been to provide wholesome family dining at a value price. Our Buffet has a variety of dishes from steaks to sides, salads, appetizers, and desserts. There is something for everyone at Ponderosa. Fantastic food for the whole family. We let you choose what you put on your plate while ensuring you receive our warmest hospitality. We are a family-oriented restaurant with Abundant offerings for an abundance of palate preferences.

  • Original American Brand with the motto to make the world happy, one great burger at a time! Born to create the world’s greatest hamburgers since 1980, which means serving our customers the highest quality with guaranteed flavor for more than four decades! Fuddruckers opened their doors for the first time in Qatar in 1999. Our sesame-topped burger buns are baked from scratch, and our burger patties are always fresh and grilled to order. It is the only way to ensure that perfect combination of crisp crust and melt in your mouth, fresh from the oven taste. Our customers can select their own garnish from the build your own market fresh produce bar - A DIY masterpiece made just the way you like it! Better Buns, Better Burgers. And yes, we also serve a whole range of sandwiches, salads, platters, cookies, and shakes on our menu!

  • TCBY®
  • TCBY®, The Country’s Best Yogurt is the original and most well-known frozen yogurt brand, leading the market in nutrition, taste, and product quality. Serving communities nationwide for 40 years, TCBY® is a successful model that has fueled the growth of a thriving industry. TCBY, which currently has over 250 franchise locations worldwide, offers an extensive product line, with most yogurt flavors in varieties that are low in fat, nonfat, or no sugar added. TCBY® launched its unique frozen yogurt classification "Super Froyo" in 2011, which is still the most nutritious frozen yogurt product available in the market. Sterling Catering Services opened its first TCBY in 1993 in Qatar and it has become an iconic landmark for many. A favorite for customers of all ages.

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    The captivating tale of our Legendary American Irish Hospitality began over 40 years ago in 1976 and continues to thrive today. At Bennigan's, we treasure our rich heritage while constantly reinventing ourselves to ensure our customers' satisfaction. In the year 2000, Sterling Restaurants introduced Bennigan's to the vibrant Qatar market, where we have redefined the concept of casual dining. With our chef-driven cuisine, innovative beverages, and unforgettable dining experiences, we strive to create cherished memories for each and every guest, every day. At Bennigan's, our unwavering focus remains on people, delectable food, and the exceptional experience that defines us. No matter where you find a Bennigan's restaurant worldwide, you'll always experience the warmth and inviting ambiance, complemented by a team that is passionately dedicated to exceeding expectations.

  • Star of India over the years has built a reputation in Doha for serving up some of the country’s most authentic Indo-Chinese dishes since 1998, Offering a Grand buffet and a kids buffet Star of India has a menu perfect for celebrating special occasions, corporate functions or simply to just enjoy with friends and family.

  • Established in 1986, Twinky is one of Sterling Restaurants' home-grown creations. Known for its legendary Mr. Twinky logo, the brand Is always remembered by those who have tried this fast food takeaway. The Menu has all fast-food favorites including Arabic / Turkish meals such as shawarmas and salads.

  • The iconic and famously known Caravan Bukhara opened its doors in 1996 in Qatar and has built a legendary reputation amongst the people of Doha. Known for serving traditional Indian food with exceptional taste and customer service par excellence, Caravan Bukhara has given many beautiful memories to patrons. At Caravan Bukhara, you can enjoy the great treats of Mughlai Cuisine in every bite.

  • Sterling Fast Food is a locally born brand in 1977 under Sterling Restaurants. Famous for being a drive-through and takeaway fast-food brand. Sterling fast food specializes in their fried chicken & broasted potatoes served with garlic sauce and roti! The menu includes all fast-food favorites like burgers, sandwiches, fish n’ chips, and curly fries.

  • Since its establishment in 2001, Asiana has earned its reputation as the go-to curry house in Qatar, delighting guests with its unique and authentic Indo-Asian experience. Our extensive menu boasts a wide variety of dishes, ensuring there's something to satisfy every palate. At Asiana, we take immense pride in delivering exceptional quality, robust flavors, and top-notch customer service, leaving our guests with unforgettable memories. In addition to our remarkable dining experience, we also offer an exceptional event hall and professional event organizing services. Whether you're planning a special occasion or organizing an event, Asiana is dedicated to creating an extraordinary experience for you and your guests. Indulge in our tantalizing Tandoori Grills, savor our freshly baked Naan, relish our delectable spring rolls, or dive into our flavorful noodles. Asiana has the perfect dish to cater to your cravings. Join us at Asiana for a culinary adventure that will leave you craving for more!


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    Staff members from various Almuftah Group divisions recently received first aid certificates in an awarding

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